Fixings and Fasteners for Façades and Frames


Over 20 years of experience in the fixings’ market!


Screws, glues, dowels, anchors, bolts, nuts – High-quality fixings for roofs and facades.  We represent the following fixings manufacturers: EJOT, FISCHER, ETANCO, BRALO, Wkret-Met, BAUTOPAS, IT-Fix, etc.


FixFas fixings - pictures of a fixing and fasteners brands



Our selection consists primarily of technical products and fields such as:

  • Façade anchors
  • Façade supports
  • Anchors with thermal breaks
  • Frame fixing screws (considering linear expansion)
  • Hidden fixing anchors
  • Panel fixing rivets
  • Panel fixing screws for frames
  • Sandwich panel screws
  • Flat roof fastening systems
  • Masonry anchors and masonry ties
  • Basalt plastic masonry ties
  • Façade brick reinforcement elements
  • Brackets
  • Chemical anchors, and much more


We Perform Tensile Tests and Help Design Engineers to Solve Technical Problems


If necessary, we will collaborate with manufacturers for technical support in order to realise even the most complicated projects. We offer products for all environment classifications and, if necessary, can perform tensile tests on-site in order to help you choose the right product and quantity based on any particularities of the site.



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