Brick Facades

brick facades - brick facades, made with BAUT system
Facade was built with BAUT system


Brick is building material that we are used to seeing around us for centuries. Brick facades, stoves, warm walls, chimneys. Brick plays a huge role in the appearance of these ancient buildings.

But to ensure the nice look for centuries, a good craftsman with the right skills and quality materials will be needed, to build longlasting brick walls. 

When it comes to quality, you should think about BAUT brick system…


BAUT Brick System


With BAUT system we can build:

  • A brick wall, that hangs – doesn’t need a foundation to lay


  • Brick bridges, that are stacked only with brick (eg window and door openings)


  • Implementation of complex architectural solutions


One of the biggest advantages of the BAUT system is the simplicity to build a brick wall without foundation.
Simple advantages crate widespread opportunities in cities, where the first floors of the buildings are used by a shop or other business, which facade (wall surface) is made of glass. 


Brick facade system - no need for foundation.

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Brick Facade Brackets


What are façade brick brackets used for?
Brackets enable the entire wall to be hung on the load-bearing structure without the use of a foundation.


Brick facades system - hooks and brackets

Hooks system for brick facades

System for brick facades

They also make it possible to begin installing the facade bricks from higher floors as well as corner
lintels and solve other complicated construction problems.


What are the advantages of using brackets?
One major advantage is that brackets make it possible to avoid using traditional steel profiles as
reinforcement beams.

The brackets are small and non-corrosive, which ensures resistance to weather conditions
and significantly reduces thermal bridges.


How to fix?
Our product selection includes all the necessary anchors and chemical anchors for fixing brackets,
which ensures proper fastening to the substructure.



Lintel Hook System for Holding Bricks


BAUT is a special hook system for constructing lintels, which makes it possible to create
up to 2 m long lintels using only reinforcements and hooks. Longer lintels can be realised with the help
of brackets.

These brackets and hooks make it easy to use façade bricks to build corner lintels and large garage door
lintels, while the entire façade brick wall can be hung on the load-bearing structure.


Option 1
Brick Facaders solution - Horizontal

Option 2
Brick Facade Solution - edge

Option 3
Brick Facades - Hooks system Fixfas


Brick Reinforcement System


Reinforcement is required to reinforce the brick facade wall to ensure the loadbearing
capacity and durability of the buildings.

There are two options:


  • Murfor-type reinforcement ladder
  • Dashboard with clamps


Brick Facades reinforcement solutions


Bever Brick Ties


Our product selection includes:

  • Basalt fiber plastic ties – significantly reduce heat loss.
  • Basalt fiber reinforced plastic ties for aerated concrete blocks
    – Aeroc, Siporex, Jämera, Silbet, etc.
  • Ties for concrete
  • Ties for timber
  • Ties for aerated concrete
  • Ties for hollow bricks
  • Ties for Fibo blocks
  • Retaining washers

A4 stainless steel!


Brick facades fixings -BEVER


Our product selection includes special ties that ensure sufficient tensile strength even in brittle materials.
If necessary, we will perform
tensile tests to make sure that the fixings will hold.


You can find our system catalog here  Baut Catalogue