About the Company

FixFas OÜ has more than 20 years of experience in the field of façades and fasteners.


Fixfas is a well-known and recognized expert in the field of complete ventilated facade systems. Since 2012, our main direction and focus have been to offer full facade materials and fixings. We provide services from consultation to façade material sales.


The foundation of a Fixfas OÜ is knowledge and experiences gained over the years.


We will recommend the most suitable materials for every project as well as help to avoid and solve any issues that may arise during the planning and design process. Our customers are important to us. If necessary will recommend the best builder for the project. Our wide and unique product selection has the best products for even the most demanding customers.

Alucoil composite panels, silver

Fixfas OÜ experiences


  • In 1996 we installed the first ventilated double facade in Estonia.
  • In 2004 we started with construction material project sales.
  • In 2005 our product range expanded with specific construction fasteners
  • Since 2012, the focus has been ventilated double facades and facade fixings